The Detcro Story


The Determined Crocodile is a mythical creature at the heart of the Detcro logo. The Determined Crocodile embodies the skill of realistic goal setting with high rates of success. His unique quality is in how he combines the extraordinary patience and focus it takes to thoroughly plan with the lightning speed and precision it takes to close in on opportunity. These qualities frame Detcro’s approach to strategic planning and execution.

Detcro accompanies our clients as they collect and analyze data to understand all dimensions of the challenge before them. Whether it is business development, humanitarian services or inter-governmental relations, we promote strategic planning on the basis of evidence. Yet when the data is sufficiently analyzed, we then help our clients execute in a manner that leaves little room for failure.

David K. Deng | Detcro Senior Partner

After graduating from New York University School of Law in 2010, Deng was awarded the Arthur Helton Global Human Rights Fellowship for work on large-scale land investments in South Sudan. Deng then spent the next six years (2010-16) working as Research Director for the South Sudan Law Society (SSLS), based in Juba. In that role, he oversaw numerous research projects, including an assessment of local justice systems in six rural counties, surveys on perceptions of and experiences with transitional justice, and various studies on land issues. Deng is currently serving as Detcro’s Research Director.

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