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Revitalizing Peace in South Sudan
Citizen Perceptions of the Peace Process
South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF)

Strategic Planning
Detcro helps you determine theories of change, envision desired conditions and set objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART), within user-friendly performance monitoring systems that produce excellent results.
Program Evaluations
Detcro collects and analyses evidence assessing the relevance and effectiveness of interventions in order to determine the overall impact of an intervention.
Detcro designs and deploys data collection tools to help you assess the implementation of your activities in accordance with your approved results frameworks and work plans.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Detcro provides web-based platforms for assets, requisition, contracts, task, personnel, procurement and facilities management, which combine control with innovation.
Market Assessments
Detcro identifies the trends, statistics, and factors framing markets for the purpose of helping your business tailor its products and services to the preferences, habits and purchasing capabilities of targeted consumer segments.
Impact assessments
Detcro investigates how infrastructural and industrial activities, such as road construction and oil development, affect human and environmental diversities.
Project Management
Detcro deploys its research, planning, monitoring and evaluation capabilities to manage projects related to governance, security, conflict mitigation, livelihoods, agriculture, cultural activities and peace building, including engineering, procurement and design.
Public Relations
Detcro helps you craft your best story, tell it to the people who matter in the most convincing way, and make sure you live up to it by practicing what you’ve preached.
Risk Management
Detcro helps its clients secure their interests by understanding the threats in their operating environments and devising preventative measures to avoid loss, and to measure risk.
Government Liaison
Detcro helps its clients establish strong government relations in support of their initiatives in countries where Detcro is operational.
Investment, Trade and Business Development
Detcro helps structure your investments and find local partners, including arranging all compliance issues in the countries where we are operational.